Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BYE BYE alpha year

Alpha is history
finished my last paper aka maths paper 10 hours ago
Thanks to machon for being our maths teacher for 2 days
what i had learned in these 2 days is 23456576543 times more than in class for 2 months
+ rain cant stop him from coming to teach us
without him I am sure we all will be looking at the paper and go blank

lets see

computer graphic is a total disaster
english is ok
media culture is so-so
design fundamental is good
nearly scored A & i hope lecturers open their eyes big big and give me 1 more marks so that i will stop cursing them
but i am cool with it since this is the very first time i scored and the last time i will score so high for it
and my black vulture got displayed for the exhibition

is at the corridor right opposite to hongka's previous works which had been stolen by artthieves(?)
people does steals fcm alpha year students' works
not bad

So its the end of my 3rd sem
but what have I learned in this sem?

(dun BUT me)
(I watched sell out! twice)

Saturday, May 23, 2009



Friday, May 15, 2009


The final submission is peaceful
no artworks smashing
no tears
which means no drama T.T

Our names started from no.7
lucky 7
so everybody has good review from lecturers
so everybody will be getting an A *fingers cross*
everybody's artwork will be in the e-gallery
everybody? no, I excluded somebody :P
some of us even have the chance to 出国比赛
and the 2 out of 3 are my roommates!

this soldier wanted to kill my vulture so badly
envy is evil!

Me and my work and some details of it

The drawing and the outcome
byebye df
byebye chemat
not gonna miss you and your cap

Thursday, May 14, 2009

no rain, cant get the rainbow

After having a harsh week
must have some relaxation mah!
went to alamanda and bowl
and we are the only Chinese there

aiyah~ i oso paiseh to look at those points ah~
I am the 6th "Z"
not the 2nd one :P

top scorer wannabe and TOP SCORER

shoes, shoes & shoes
see how busy we are until we dont have the time to clean our shoes
holiday needed!

Terminator Salvation starring czh and non others

not much time to relax coz final exam is next week
and we still have CG submission next wednesday

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

judgement day *again*

This is really the circle of university life.
7 hours more and
its submission


process 2

the silhouette of my origami vulture standing on GAZA
still in its first generation which is mahjong paper

evolved into cardboard which doesn't deserve a mention lol

The final thickness (you cant really see how thick it is through this angle) of the vulture which is very time consuming
but it is fun to arrange those little pieces. like puzzle
ok, i prefer destroying it more

Rearrange on the canvas.
and my vulture turned BLACK

The canvas. Painted and webbed

MORE web!
I died twice throughout the whole process

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

process 1

On the way to our destination.
See how professional I am,
sambil angkat kayu,
sambil ambil gambar.

The working process.
why are we doing all these?
we just wana save money.
Nobody wants to declare bankruptcy due to this assignment lo
1 5feetx5feet canvas = RM125
1 6feetx4feet canvas doesnt even exists @@

The frame.
Take me(us) more than 4 hours to get this done
No wonder we are studying FCM la...

Stapling the canvas.
not my forte either.
Better stick to photography which is easier and more relaxing. :P

Final product. RM50
6 feetx4feet. It is even higher than me...
and it is so so so heavy
heavier than a primary student's bag

Saturday, May 9, 2009

8 in 1 blog posting machine with no self-destruct mechanism

What is wrong with the weather?!
The whole damn week is so

i am melting...

Went to watch this right after i reached home

MONEY, why do you like rich people~
I can never imagine myself paying RM9 and go into a cinema to watch a so call buatan malaysia musical with only a total of "1,2,3,4,5" 5 people occupying the whole theater XD
TBH, its great!
It has alot of very dai sei dialogsssss
i wish i can download the movie and it's ostsssss
download! not buy! :P

I saw wong puy san at Serdang ktm station today!
I said hi to her and
she said hi to me

Hokuan's face is *almost* like me now!
growing in progress

Jiale's hair is longggggggggg
his hair is even longer than me visually

Yuhe got BOYFRIEND jor?
why nobody tell me?
sei loh... to that guy, god bless you

Everybody is having their semester break except those who has short sem
and me...
i want to go pasar malam, go sing k, and eat satay, go city park, go yumcha, go pd, go do things that i usually do

"Dun manage your time, manage your life," said miss vim
Rushing assignment!
*ninja vanish*

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The night without light

Wednesday night was so interesting
because of the blackout starting from 8pm
and later on ended at 2am after us being attacked by mosquitoes
and green bugs

I am sweating like a whore in a church for the whole night
I don't have the chance to take my bloody shower
Damn it, it is like no air circulation at all
the whole MMU was like a dead city
no light, no fan, no computer, no internet

I hate being in the dark
except like this