Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Canon 500D
chemat u better make me pro!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

black thursday

Today's timetable is insane!
1 hour of korean language

2hours of scripting language lecture

2hours of scripting language tutorial
2hours of computer modeling tutorial

2hours of computer environment tutorial

this timetable really gives me an appropriate reason to skip thursday class

Arghhhhh headache!

Monday, June 22, 2009

the first post from new home

Internet is up!

now the house is alive!
I can youtube! can download! can facebook! can blog!
we can even dota!
although it is a temporary line with very low speed connection
but who cares?!

its like throwing meat to starving dogs
Photography class forced us to buy a DSLR

so 7 out of 10 of my lovely housemates ordered the same 1

here goes my mum's salary~
liau said :"this is not an expenditure, It's an investment!"

hopefully it is worth all those blood sweat money~

but now I m thinking how to style my camera
can i bling it?
Tomorrow i will be having my MI class in midvalley!

we'll see

Sunday, June 21, 2009


After get booted out from hostel
we moved to a new nest
& this is how the nest looks like

The kitchen were you can see MAMA doing stuffs here most of the time
and the living room with the all time favorite - PS II

The CC corner and mr.hongka building his computer table
FYI, the house still doesn't has an internet connection
its like living in a jungle
cant even track down a wireless connection
no internet=no facebook
zm will die coz he cant flirt with vinny! :P
Lastly,the house is still in chaotic mode when these photos were taken
will try to take more when the house is clean and neat
but, when? lol

opps! :X

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I need some photos to blog!

New Home
New Home
New Home


No Internet
No Internet
No Internet

Boring Media Innovation
Boring Media Innovation
Boring Media Innovation


Friday, June 19, 2009

The longwaited result

The result is finally out!
really "see through autumn water" lo
nice grades, nice GPA, nice CGPA
I am beyond satisfied

Friday, June 12, 2009

2 weeks only

Boring holiday
no shopping, no traveling, no gaming
went to klang on tuesday
a 3 days shopping trip
bought something for my new room
piece of cake la
it is easy to flood the room coz it is small
so small until i scare i will get claustrophobia
although it is small
but i still spent quite an amount
how great if I can spend the money on buying other things like ...
outfits for the wedding!
but i am going back to cyber tomorrow
haiz... haiz... haiz...
gonna update when the result is fully out!
now its just half
half oni woh
i pay half of my tuition fees can anot?

200th post ~smile~

the 200th post

the beta year


Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am so pumped!
but I am lazy to type


Saturday, June 6, 2009

HB 1 Wing A 4013

Here, we packed
and someday
we will unpack in a new environment
bye bye hostel
bye bye 4013

Friday, June 5, 2009

this post is long

JUNE 2009
time flies
last year i were still mong seng seng attending orientation which till now i still cant figure out why do we need it.
and worst of all, I literally has less than 4 hours sleep per day not counting those nap i took curi-curily during those boring seminars.
The first time leaving home and staying in such unfamiliar environment with 2 strangers is definitely uncomfortable
Luckily I am a chameleon.
I change color to adapt to new environment

First trimester
The first half part of it is really full of ???
My roommates thinks I am weirdo
My lecturer doesnt remember and my name is "the boys between kevin and calvin" just like form six "next to jiale" or "next to chantow"
Never get to know many course mates coz life was like class<--->room
But still have a bunch of friends but switched later on like what meiki predicted
switching happen after we went to watch the fireworks together twice
and had few dinner with my roommate's gang
I was labeled as the 附送品.
"buy zm and get zh free!"
who said this should be locked up, seriously
But still, sem 1 was adventurous.
first df submission was nerve-racking since none of us have a damn clue on whats going on
Cg was underwhelming since there are people who claimed that i copied her work *cough* hoyi
Final exam was challenging
Wanted to have a group study but ended up having dota spree, nono
Went to the cinema between papers
Went to klang before cg paper, we were there to study
and so my first sem's result turned out so so so bad
haha skip! next!
paid my first visit to sunway lagoon before holiday
it rained that day wtf
the washing room was occupied by narcissistic assholes wtfx2
and lastly, we ended this sem by having donuts in hongka's room after loitering around putrajaya

Second trimester
A really short and miserable trimester
14 weeks condensed into 7 weeks
but the relationship problems are more tiring
backstabbing, frontstabbing, group work, notan, tutorial, sarcastic idiots and the list goes onnnnnnnnnnn
my grandma passed away before the first assessment
had our first formal presentation for english
went to genting during Christmas
and met some durahans there

and 31 december - the final submission day
lecturers, nice arrangement booooooo
but still made it to sungei wang to countdown without those last minute aeroplaner who had a mood swing kononnya
cgpa dropped which was out of my expectation T.T
so bye bye sem 2

Third trimester
This sem starts after the cny holiday
it is absolutely logical for us to go to 东禅寺, isnt it?
sem3 is the period where we really need to work our ass out
its do or die for this very critical sem
"designers, make it work"
The first half was all about relaxing
and surprise!
week 13 onwards, we will be bombarded by submissions
we are going to die
but we survived ^^v
3 valentine's day card need to be submitted after the 14/2 which initially was 20 marks but deducted to 10 with lousy excuses given
oh and the stupid flash. stupid cg, stupid ramlan
give me A!
3 blog posts per week for mlc was really lebih punya since everybody was Wikipedia-ing XD
English class was even more entertaining
media based product - storybook - group work
imagine the conflicts that can possibly happen
woohooo! popcorn!
I can pass my maths without taking the final exam lol
so I am hoping for at least an A-? can?
Sem3 is rather satisfying for me
my scores are kinda at the top of the pack :P
I sounded humble with my score unlike some
"哎呀,又箩甘高分啊" *PUKE*
go fuck urself with ur tasteless skeleton winged horse u 20 years old corn hair OTAKU!
all in all, really hoping for my stubborn cgpa to rise *fingers cross*
tons of things happened during this sem and i duno where to start from
there are great ones like the putrajaya bridge night, chris, kevin and zm's birthday, <3
there are not so great ones like the house problem, hoyi incident, 90% craps that came out from _______'s mouth =x

How should I end this post
I am tired, and lets live harmonically for the following year, housemates.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ayumi Hamasaki, 35th single

something is lacking
its confidence and trustworthy
maybe we just need more
time and tolerance and understanding

I am not sure