Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 has been a life-changing year for me.
Graduated. Now working.
I consider myself a very lucky fresh-grad as my first job just came without any obstacles.
Work is fine, boss is fine, colleague is fine.
Everything seems to be better than what I expected.
How about my love life?
This might be the first time I blogged about this. So here goes.

Through out these 12 months of 2012, I need to thanks these 5 individuals.
Each for them taught me a lesson, and those ups and downs made me who I am now.

The first person, thanks to you, without you confronting me, I will still be living behind those doors.
You gave me the courage to do what I always wanted to do, and that leads to the second person.

The second person, thanks to you, without you being by my side (figuratively) all the time, I wouldn't had made it this far. I had yet to meet someone in my life that shares so many similarities, like you always say to me, we were like twins separated at birth. You led me through doubts and worries, I really appreciated it; I really really do and guess I would never find another individual like you. Thanks to this second person, I get to know how the third person was.

The third person, thanks to you, without you giving so much care and concern, I would had forgotten how great it feels to be valued. But it wasn't long until we both found out that we weren't meant for each other, totally different lifestyle and habits crushed it, literally. I took me quite some time to get over you, even my heart ache everytime I met you, but looking back now, I think I made the right decision.

The fourth person, thanks to you, without you giving so much hope to me, I wouldn't fell so hard. For a split second, I thought I have hope, and I thought finally I succeeded, but no, its a scam and that's about it.

The fifth person, thanks to you, without you, I would still be the same old me. You changed me the most, because I invested the most. It was supposed to be the highlight of my 2012, but apparently,  it was a disaster. Its not a full on disaster, but its an event that makes me reconsider and make some adjustment about myself. You treated me so well that I was so convinced we were going to make it far, the love that I received was so overwhelming and unrealistic, but it wasn't long until you tell me what's actually going on. Bitch-slapped. But still, I am really grateful that I got to met you, even till now I still say that to you every now and then.

Other than these 5 individuals, they are new faces that came into my life, some stayed and some just sashay away. too much rupaul. Every one of them are like ornaments, embellishing my 2012 and whether its good or bad, its better than me just living my life the same plain and boring way.

2013, I hope you treat me well.

A song for the fifth