Thursday, April 30, 2009

12 words and thats it

既然意兴阑珊 , 何必强人所难

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Selfish Giant?

presentation is officially over

I am so damn tired... and fed up

hey, its English only
why need to do media based product

doing a storybook isnt my forte

producing a storybook for 3-6 years old children

lagi bukan kemahiran saya la!

So fed up throughout the whole process
because of godknowswhat reasons

I so hope this was my final product *jealous*
Its a pop up book by HY's
I wonder how much time he spent on this cheapass 10 marks assignment XD

Hoyi quote: This is a selfish giant. The giant is selfish.
make sense mah~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

zhihan narcissism montage

I wanted to buy this &
wanted to buy that
all i wana do is just buy

Friday, April 17, 2009

human brain does not function well at night?!

We had 2 events on 15 april:
Assessment 2 for df &
my roommate aka zm's birthday
After all those hectic moments throughout the week
we finally have the time to slow down and waste our time wisely :P

Decided to go to oldtown since it is the only option
and did everything that should be and can be done there
Went back to hostel around 12 and continue with joining in
play some mathematical mini games
and it is absolutely pitiful for those non-mathematical brained people

(the game that we manage to get pass 70++ at cwb's party last year but it cant even get pass 40++ here @@)
and so the atmosphere gets higher after somebody has a few dose of alcohol
and u will get a whole lot more than needed
That day was a day that i can literally say: 好爽好开心啊!

Gaza all day

Hibernation is over!

I had been very 'busy' with my assessment 2
so i abandoned my blog *ahem*

but now assessment is OVER
I am a free spirit again

This is how my table looked every single day

and it continuously maintained for like 4 days or more

so, the war is not only happening in Gaza but on my table too

I am oso starving myself like the children in Gaza
i skipped my breakfast and lunch for 3 days due to the overloaded works needed to be done
I doubt that i have that much fats to burn but it just happened


The origamis that drive me crazy

YO! draw like there is no tomorrow in this way!
I invented it, ok?
The assessment day was entertaining with some inpatient people cutting the line and still dare to cakap banyak-banyak, some LMAO memorable drawings and the king of all : showing off artwork
die far far la

Some scored high, some scored low and my score is still a mystery

hopefully, fingers crossed, toes crossed that I can get a mark then will gives me the immunity from licking the elephant in the Thai restaurant

Some people that we think would/should/will score high scored low &

Some people that we think would/should/will score low scored high.

Maybe our aesthetic is different. just maybe

More echoing) to go

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I broke up with my girlfriend

April fool


I am ill

physically and mentally

My new spec not only gives me clear vision but also nightmares
My eyes sore so badly
I still need time to adapt to it
I wanted a smart-nerdy look
but wat i have now is a sick-nerdy look

Eyes are important to us
to differentiate good from bad
take note
off to bed