Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I should write a song about me

I let myself down
I can be better and should be better
but I just screw things up when my nerves kick in or thats just me being me
I am not a social butterfly but damn I felt like a freaking social cocoon
so noob, so shy, so passive, so metapod
I am well aware that I am not that kind of ideal guy people are looking for
I have so much flaw in me that I cant fix or should I say I dont even have the urge to fix it
I am who I am, like me for me
ok last two statements are just excuses for me to act like an idiot
yea what had happened happened, now I can just sit here and type out this bloody blog post to make myself feel better or at least having a record here for me to laugh at myself in the future
Owh.. I am like an emo boy blogging about some emo little stuffs
and noticed how many times I used the word I, me, myself XD
I am such a narcissistic self-centered bitch
but behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, which is vulnerable to the slightest criticism

so be good to me