Sunday, March 29, 2009



Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today is the day
and tonight is the night

I personally would love to turn off the lights

but i cant make the final decision

elders just dun like watching tv in darkness

"its bad for the eyes!"

Mission of the night

drive around and see how many houses actually turn off the lights


I wonder...

will there be any kes pecah masuk within this hour

lol... too pessimistic
Enjoy the night

Friday, March 27, 2009

I am useful. Come use me

Things are coming out ugly
People acts as straight forward as possible
Who dislikes Who
Who cherishes Who
Who uses who
You can pinpoint everything out as long as you are neither blind nor deaf
or maybe you are...
its beyond obvious

Everything is so polluted

Your blog post reminds me how miserable we are

(sad, the post isnt original de)
Is it a must for university students to act this particular way?
Do we choose friends by seeing how useful they are and how they can help us in the future?
Yes? No?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

you won't want this to be on your car

I just complained it was hot
and all of a sudden, it rained this morning
I need money! XD

Something real cool happened
My dad's car gone through a makeover
and its totally free!
some exotic pattern was added to the windscreen
now the car has its own WOW factor
take a look

Monday, March 23, 2009

random / backstabbing

Am i living in an oven?
why is it so damn hot over here.
The temperature is pumping up for a reason
and it is because "somebody"'s album leaked from nowhere
Nobody is gonna shout in excitement with me
nah~ screw it, i can scream myself

There is no assignment left to be done for this holiday which is a good news but many things waiting to be figured out
DF result is out, some are happy, some are sad; some are happy because some are sad and vice versa
This is just human-nature, so no serious backstabbing is going on or maybe there are just without my knowledge

stab till u die oso duno wat happened la :P

Friday, March 20, 2009

my yesterday

Holiday started.
The best thing in my uni life
K-ing is the only option
it just happens that naturally

Everybody was dreaming and we missed the stop at Midvalley
and ended up in Sungei Wang.
Switched from 啦啦窦 to kinokuniya KLCC after k-ing
i feel so ARTISTIC with so many design references surrounding me XD

I attacked some of the fitting rooms again
Its like addiction and I cant resist it.

la la la~

Add-on: some golden haired guy thought touch n go can be used for KLIA transit. nvm, u can try to 'DIT' through the blockage while we are buying tickets

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


17 march!
Its hokuan's birthday like every year.
This year, dun have the chance to surprise him
although it cant be consider as surprise since it is so obvious
dun have the chance to 骗吃 ice-cream cake liao
Happy Birthday!
Happy 21!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

a month ago

Here is something that happened a month ago...

My valentine's day ended up in cameron with my relatives
it is a pretty purse-friendly place for couples coz roses here are in a very decent price XD
there is nothing much to do in cameron but if u are in the aunty category, you will be buying fresh and cheap veges continuously

This is the must-go place in cameron
the BOH tea plantation
fresh air, nice weather, cool settings, stunning scenery and expensive tea

yeah, some walking is needed to reach the top top top...

group photo which contains 4 cars and 18 people

I wonder...
since when my life started to have any relationship with alcohol @@


you are getting on my nerves
you hypocrite!

no, i shouldn't mention it
but you are too over!
you hyper-hypocrite!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

bye nokia

my new G900
it has damn lot of functions
it has a 5.0 mega pixels camera
it has a pretty nice background when u listen to mp3
it has a sensitive touch screen
it has a more than enough large screen
it supports Wi-Fi™ which sounds possible for me to surf the net anywhere in campus
it has a not very user friendly keypad but who cares coz
it has an on-screen keyboard
it has a nice texture thing goin on around the phone
it has no short cut button for mp3
last but not least
the package DOES NOT come with a memory card T.T

within 30 hours

11 march
i spent a whole night at the canteen watching 模范棒棒堂 and 终极三国
just to wait for time to tick pass 12
I am with 1 of the birthday boy since i cant be with 2 in the same time
kevin was the 1 with me and chris... haiz
god knows what he is doing again
conclusion is
somebody received some surprise phone call and
i have to admit that the 'high tech candle' is creative

12 march
went to the garden's red box
the room is so small
i cant even somersault in it
there are some who love the mic and some who hate the mic
balance, peace ^^v

movie time~
watched Dragonball evolution although we know it sucks... badly
but ayumi is singing the theme song
so i dun really care how unwatchable the movie is...
but why is that song played when goku is riding a bicycle?
the movie is surprisingly 'funny'
so, dun watch it ==
its almost 10pm when i reach hostel
next stop, a place that provides bottomless 'sprite'
and when u heard of bottomless
u keep drinking and drinking until u started to feel dizzy and shaking without knowing why you are shaking but found out later that u shake coz everybody is shaking and finally get drunk. after that u start talking craps and telling people u can still recognize them by saying their names out loudly and keep asking them for dota by telling them ur sladar is so damn pro.
In the end, u puked in people's car *cough* weiheng
healthy boy, we know u ate alot of sayur and carrot. LOL

Its really a fun day coz i have alot of fun (obviously)
I am in a natural high stat anytime anywhere 24/7
but there are always some tiny winy things that makes u go blah~
To you: express yourself more or else people will think you are too nice and start stepping over u
To you: dun make empty promises and good luck on the way of chasing ur goddess
To both of you:Happy birthday and stay cool

hokuan's birthday is near too :P

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

judgement day

Once again
I am here writing while waiting for the assessment...
40mins more
i can smell freedom
its just so near



Monday, March 2, 2009

good news

Life is back to multicolor mode!
DF assessment had been postponed!