Sunday, August 30, 2009

so random

last year's was more interesting with the firework competition
but this year, blah~
this wasn't the blahest thing yet
i will be having photography, design process, computer modeling, computer environment, scripting language final submission after the malaysian celebrated for 52 years of independence
How am i going to deal with all these?
interactive game? what? rendering? what? 16x16 box? what?
so clueless @@
another thing worth woohoo-ing is
i had successfully submitted the ptptn form after the long queue that barely move a single bit
are you guys really that inefficient?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

the gap is big

Why do u wana make me feel so useless
I dun make empty promises
I just need some time
as i am not as wealthy as u guys

nuff said

Thursday, August 20, 2009


so much dramas
so much conflicts
so less time
life is turning like a disco balls
so dazzling

but i hope it wont drops and hits me

Monday, August 17, 2009


I print very expensive one u know? U KNOW?!
REJECT REJECT still wan give me a cunning smile
still wan use red marker to draw on my photo
whats the purpose of rejecting everybody since the photos are acceptable
format problem only mah

open 1 eye close 1 eye cannot meh
local students wrong spacing then kena reject
international students no ID oso GOOD WORK!
reprint, no need money ah!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

genting, city of gambling

Last saturday i were at genting
and it was all because of hoyi
we did not book for the room
so we will
not have a place to sleep
went to the theme park
and played everything that can be played

except the holy space shot
yes, i am not gonna play this in a gazillion years
no, they need me to be the photographer when they hit the ground so i sacrificed myself
yes, this sounds better XD
everywhere was so crowed so we literally spent more time queuing than playing
and best of all, it rained on that day
haiz.. more time wasted
since we have so much time left, we rode everything available inside timesquare
i wonder who will pay rm8 to get those wtf rides
like i said, since everywhere was full house
= no place to sleep

(why was it full house? because there were so many uncles aunties there that wana contribute to the development of genting)
so we went to mcD and slept there
but unfortunately, we were kaciau-ed by mouse
so we moved to the lobby and continue sleeping
and because the chairs there are meant for sitting not sleeping which are killing my neck
so we left the lobby and went for breakfast at kfc
and because we were in genting
so the breakfast sets are all cold except coffee and tea! wtf
so, so, so,
we went back early the next day to get some good sleep on bed

Thursday, August 13, 2009

FLASH! ka chaaak

spent 9 hours on this flash
better give me nice nice score although i dint put much effort

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

model shooting

my photography assignment &
my model for my photography assignment
thanks to her for risking her life under the hot morning sun
and the H1N1 virus
i wish to post every single shoot
but to maintain the image of my model,
i decided to only upload one shoot here.
ngek ngek ngek
how kind...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It does sounds easy but...

I still got thursday, friday, and saturday left!
so optimistic
I dun wana shoot at the lame minang kabau museum wei...
but thats the only place that came to my mind
library? wu gong shan? terminal 1? dataran seremban?
what kind of outfit can suit these places oh?
baju kebaya ah?
my model say her style is high street fashion eh~

I am gonna drive around seremban and stop and shoot wherever i like!
yea, when i get my car back
now i got everything ready except for the transport

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It was saturday
the house was so empty
3 went out, 3 went home
kevin hasn't finish his pillar <--- LOL
so poor zhihan was forced to accompany him to the freezing mi studio
the initial plan for that day was going to the waterfall
but since they have to attend a dota competition,
so we delayed it
went to FIT to check them out
erm... lets not talk about it XD
after the competition, which is already 4pm
they decide to go to the waterfall
we reached TEMPLER PARK aka kanching falls after a full 2 hour search
and so it was 6pm
hence we cant get a decent photo although we climb so damn high which is very goddamn tiring coz it was too dark
and a moneky stole my bottle!
byebye sungai kanching
oh, we went and ate some super expensive and famous roti canai at SS2
those roti canais are unbelievable XD

guess what
we went to the same waterfall on sunday too!
this time it was really challenging
i duno why indian love waterfall so much
they are everywhere!
i think congested is a suitable word for that day's situation
haiyo, drive a little bit further than u all mah can go to the sea and swim lo
waterfall too small for u all la
so this time we climbed even higher
and literally reached the top
and yeah the top was crowded too
8 of us set up our tripod fed-up-ly and start shooting
we need to find the right angle, change setting
and most importantly protect our camera from water splashes
so damn hard to get a nice pic
i duno whats wrong with all those people
go waterfall play then play nicely la
why go climb up the waterfall and throw water bottle here and there?!
u think our camera as cheap as ur water bottle ah?!
struggled for 2hours and finally get everything done
sien ah!
oh, did i mention that this is an assignment? lol

Monday, August 3, 2009

pillars leh~ you know?

After coming back from pangkor, we were given 1 week time to accomplish the pillar assignment for the you know~
designing process class
7 days minus 4 days for lovely 3d max equals to 3 days
3 days XD
I dun even understand how this class operates
tiap-tiap hari cakap pasal duit saje
this need money that need money
plywood need money
brush need money
paint need money
pay so damn lot and we get #@$%^&* color choices
show some color sense lah
make us waste money to go and buy our own color only

Saturday, August 1, 2009

sick 20th

This year's birthday is absolutely memorable
I am at a random mamak on a miserable island called pulau pangkor surrounded by smokers when the clock ticked pass 12
After that, i felt sick
till now, i m still sick
the haze make me sick,
the sea make me sick,
the supercold aircond make me sick,
the sun make me sick,
the people make me sick
but there are still things that dont make me sick