Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1 week ago

Right after the last paper aka scripting language paper
hoyi invited us to go sing k
so we ended up at red box IOI
nothing special about that day except hoyi enjoyed every sinlge second of the k time although the aircond was not working for 6 hours just because she sat next to ahleng
red box you sucks for keep giving us the same "it will be ok after 15mins" excuses
hoyi had fun and that was it

The next morning, we started our trip to melacca and johor
stopped at seremban for 烧包 & 牛腩粉 & maybank to pay our rental :P
reached melaka, found an apartment and slept
met seanhow, chuiying, kelvin... at jonker street
and met them again at satay lok lok
awkward... you can feel the awkwardness from 12082178985412874761298km away
after having chicken rice the next afternoon
we left melacca and drove all the way down to batu pahat
nothing much we can do there
but at least i am able to enjoy without stress
assignments, submission, assessment, 3dmax, flash, photography, typography
get the hell out of here

Result will be release on the 29th of october

Sunday, October 18, 2009

no eye see

like... 11 days ago...
computer modelling
i dun even know what the heck i wrote on the answer paper
its like creating new features for 3d max
maychan will sure laugh at it

korean language
LOL ini lagi teruk
only able to answer those tips-ed questions
and not even sure about the answer
but luckily my seon tan nim aka teacher passed me
kam sa ha mi da

computer environment
oh this is on the day after korean
80 objective questions
like hoyi said.. cucu is an angel
thumbs up for her for not making subjective questions

scripting language
ewww i knew natalya wouldn't be so kind
she just nearly killed us with all those subjective questions
most of the people in the hall left after the first 30minutes
not good
1 week of holiday had passed
still waiting for result
6 subjects, korean is a surepass
other 5 is still an unknown ouch
I am getting anxious!
very anxious

Friday, October 2, 2009

last week

Last week was raya holiday
everybody was having their nice sweet holiday
but natalya literally lost her freakin mind and wanted to have a submission in the middle of it
great, now everybody has to rush back to desert cyber
just for a less than 5 mins presentation
and after presentation... ???
so we planned to go PD but ended up in bagan lalang
it is somewhere near sepang
and without the map, i am pretty sure we cant make it there
because the place is so kampung
the beach is nice, the water is dirty, ya common for malaysia beaches
and lots of dead giant jelly fishes on the shore @@
enough of the relaxation mode
back to exam mode