Friday, January 28, 2011

I personally do not like dodol

This is what I have been doing for the whole freakin' sem
No, this is not all
I still have logo, paperbag, voucher, 3d product, packaging, website in my list
and I survived
Doing a flash website myself
modelling the product and packaging myself
animating it myself
now you know so incapable of me when it comes to 3d modelling and flash website
shame on me LOL
that pretty much sums up my gamma sem 2
oh I forgot my first attempt in recording a radio drama
that was quite an experience but the process is *ahem* fascinating
and chemat is a jerk
lecturers' office is not for student to do their things and also not for you to sleep
kiss my ass and go home for your power nap and come back for you 2pm class

so long,
I am going to enjoy my CNY like never before

Monday, January 10, 2011


So here I am again after MIA for quite some times.
Will be having Sound design draft presentation by this afternoon
Already had my MI crit session
E-commerce presentation will be on Thursday
BHM mid term exam by this Friday
Need to refine my 3d modelling,
Add content to my website,
Study for BHM,
Try to help in creating website for E-commerce which I doubt but must try
yada yada!
Its 2011 already and I am talking assignment crap here
no life no life
But it wasn't that bad since my review during crit session is pretty positive +1
I think i should start preparing since my presentation for sound design is like 2 hours later