Thursday, December 31, 2009

lets not study for final

now i have the mood to blog
erm not really
just feeling a little bit guilty
must at least update something before 2009 ends
my final is over
all assignments were submitted ON time
currently having my 3 weeks holiday
talking about assignments
MI design process lecturers were kind enough to give us assignment 2 before final starts
and submission was on christmas eve
what is this all about? christmas surprise gifts?
or i-want-you-to-fail-your-final-so-i-will-give-you-another-assignment?
and what's the topic?
motive design? design with motive? mural?
great, have a look at our clueless face mr fauzan
should these 3 mural be cohesive in term of style?
or are they individual pieces?
all we know is just "no object oriented shapes" and make it work!
(haha, too much of project runway)

Zoological Park

Sports Complex

Astronomical Observatory Complex

am not 100% sure that I am on the right path
but apa boleh saya buat leh...
and please, dun fail me
fail burger first

Thursday, December 24, 2009


there is a submission at 9am
so potong steam