Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gone, but not forgotten

My last blog post was like 6 months ago during my internship
I have nothing specific in mind so this is basically a random update or just plain crap
I am now having my holiday after my FYP submission which is hectic and chaotic
hopefully the result turn out great or else somebody is gonna get hurt
Mr.Fauzan ~ahem~
I worked my ass off to accomplish things in 10 days
10 days to do a website and 3d environmental design isn't enough sir
and especially during CNY come on
but I will just forgive you sir since I did it at the very last minute
Tomorrow I will be heading back to cyber again to renew my passport and of course
The legen -wait for it- dary post submission mid term break get away is back again babe!
holy shit another round of money spending because Johor Premium Outlet here I comeeeee

See ya