Sunday, November 21, 2010

third person

Its sunday! weeeeee
since it is sunday, lets discuss something about zhihan
Zhihan is a bitch
Zhihan is arrogant
Zhihan is full of himself
Zhihan hurts people's feeling
Zhihan is self-centered
Zhihan is picky
Zhihan is a drama queen
Zhihan is a hater
Zhihan hates trouble-maker
Zhihan hates paranoid
Zhihan hates attention gainer
Zhihan hates 2 face
Zhihan hates who he hates
Zhihan hates you

Zhihan is so full of himself that he doesn't cares how you feel
is that what it is?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

You wanna be on top?

Have i talked about my result yet?
Yes i did
But this time around, I will be talking about it in another mood
the best student is not even in it
he is out of the list and i can care less about him *evil laugh*
now i should be more than satisfied with the result
but still
I have the lowest CGPA among all
embarrassing XD
anywhere I should be proud of myself and not be too greedy
and get a big head like someone did

Being an underdog wasn't that bad after all.

Chong Zhihan likes your status.

I know its a bit late to post this up
but i had received my parcel!
I have to admit that i am absolutely in love most of the things
And they have already been named now by jealous bitches XD
I have a power ranger and a sofa = how cool
online shopping is so exciting!
I wanna upload so photos when i get them! YEAH!

I am talking to myself here
how pathetic but i like