Monday, September 17, 2012

Deer in Headlight

Recently I am under some sort of depression
but hey, when wasn't I?
There nothing I can do causing me to feel so helpless and defeated
I don't want to be seen as a weak and pessimistic person
because I am not
but now I felt rather vulnerable

I always knew the vast majority is gonna judge you by how you look
My appearance wasn't very appealing to most of the people and I am perfectly aware on that
so I try to make up with a better personality
but apparently I wasn't that kind of guy that runs around spilling rainbows, making everybody entertained
and I am even further away from that kind of laid back and cool personality that is always captivating
hence, causing me to feel confuse because I am stuck in the middle of no where
I am already handicap in socialising and now I don't even have a charming personality to back things up
I am basically doomed from the get go
Like seriously, I should have a sticker on my forehead "DOOMED"

Yes, everybody has their individuality; we don't need to become someone else to stand out
we don't to alter ourselves to fit people's expectation, but don't you want to be someone that is likeable and remember-able? 
you would probably just say:" Be yourself"
and that would lead to another question "Who am I?"
Be myself. Being shy, timid is getting me nothing good
I am trying to break out of this bubble, but it seems to be really difficult to do so
You would probably say:"Give it a few more tries"
How many chances can be given? I need to be able to come out of my comfort zone and I need to do it fast
but I don't have a plan, I am a deer in the headlight

I need to figure things out quickly or I will fail like a car crash.
with a major "BAM"
well at least there's an impact made

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